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International Best Sellers

Why work with us?

European Quality

Following strict European regulations plus conforming with the rigorous guidelines of the FSSC 22000 quality certification, quality and safety is at the core of every Eurocas product.

Family Business

People make or break a business. Not only is Eurocas a family owned business, the entire organization strives to create a family like atmosphere not only between the employees, but also with our business partners.


We are producers, not just some import export trader. So not only do you get first hand best prices from us, we also have industry insight and we can foresee upcoming trends in the market. All this information, we will share with you in order to give you a competitive advantage in your market.

Global Presence

We are present on 4 continents in more than 35 countries. The most important advantage that this offers us is knowledge. We gather information from all the countries where we are present and this helps us better understand the global market, come up with new innovative products and better control our costs all over the world so we can offer you better prices.


We are here to help your business grow that’s why we’ll do everything we can from tweaking recipes, to private labels, to small MOQs, in order to help your company grow and be successful in your market. Your success, is our success.


With over 25 years of experience, Eurocas has become a household name in Europe and it’s slowly building its reputation over-seas as well.

Let’s start our journey Together

Contact us right now and find out how our companies can grow together!